Let’s see if I can do a thousand two days in a row.

So let’s go.

I might not be what you think I should be, I might be on the wrong track, but there is a voice I am hearing in my head saying everything is okay.

It is a fact that I have always taken it for granted everything is going to be okay.

In reality, sometimes things need intervention to be good, right?

A little nudge and check if it budged then judge to see if it needs to be fudged.

I love this time of the season, with the monsoons, and severe storms. The crack of the lighting and feeling of the atmosphere when a tornado is near, the feelings they cause are unclear, yet so dear to me. I yearn for the freedom of expression those two elements have, it is a distinct quality found in only the mosaic of writers, and artist for that matter. However, the unplanned pitter-patter of the raindrops coming together in harmony, the splatter they make on the window reminds me of the time the window was shattered, it reminds me of a time where nothing mattered.

Oh, look at that, hundred and eighty-seven words at the end of that last paragraph, must because I am killin’ ‘em.

You hear that thunder, that is me dropping more bombs on you bitches.

So grab your britches, hem your stiches, here I come for your riches.

And, everything was washed away in the rain.

What are the odds of that?

Well, the weatherman said there would be a 75% chance up until noon where it would increase to a 90% chance.

Oh. That is nice, a weatherman that can land a dart with a reasonable amount of accuracy; kill him before he can teach his witchery to the others.

Beware of the Mothers against Gay Guys & Over-the-top Transsexuals. Those m.a.g.g.o.t’s think they are all bad ass with the law on their side. Well. Well, I got a side of Cole’s law for you, and I hope you enjoy it, but would you like a biscuit with that?

Where am I now, other than the smart-ass answer, “ummm, sitting in front of a computer?”

Now let’s not get hung on sematic, we are all rational living, I don’t know, vessel's of energy?

Refraction of light?

Figment's of a great imagination?

What are we, in the grand scheme of things, what are we really?

Yeah, I agree, don’t really care to know. Perhaps somehow we are some kind of cosmic fuck up, that one in a million. No, I take that back, the odds of life form on this planet, or any other planet is a one in a trillion kind of miracle. We might be what is. So, everything we do might be under scrutiny. Let’s hope either god is bored with his creation, or the human race is one mighty fine liar.

I actually think lying is a genetic trait, a compulsion, or a trick to help propagate life.

Yeah all that good food I was just was eating is that away, George.

(Points the man in the wrong direction.)(The man wandering in the wrong direct meets a damsel in distress looking for the same fruit, and they live happily ever after... )(Damnit.)(Mark that one up to improper technique.) (He should have asked the other man in search of the fruit, "What fruit?" while polishing off the last bite.)

Don’t lie to me, where did you get the fruit?

What fruit?

You know what I am talking about, all evidence leads to one conclusion.

No I don’t, what evidence?

You ate the evidence, and look at your hand, it is stained red from the juice.

No, it is not.

Whatever, man. You came from that direction, so the fruit must be from over there.

No wait, I’ll tell you.

(Points the man in the wrong direction.)

Do you ever get the feeling some things are meant to happen for a reason. Whatever that reason may be, and you will never really know either because we are just the pawns, sometimes though, it feels like you are destined to be at that place at that time, and boom, life-changing event.

God shows you things He wants you to see, so you can be the man He wants you to be.

Someone is knocking, should I let them in?

I did and this is The Convo we had over DXM, or is it DMX.

Actually, never mind. We are good without.

No doubt, but I do wanna say something though.

Get crunk, smoke the skunk and then do something people would of thunk was impossible.
Dude, everyone told you, you would end up in the hospital.

What can we say about this; we are just American Rejects, and we just move along even if we know it is wrong. We don’t really care about the long arm of Johnny Law, even though we put on the façade we all secretly think we are god.

Live free or die.

Now stand up and applaud.

Humm, don’t know where to go with this after that, with such a strong affirmation, no further explanation is necessary.

I had a grilled American cheese sandwich for lunch with a handful of kettle-cooked potato chips cheddar flavored and a raspberry soda. It was good even though the cheese was American.

You should stop with the Anti-American knock-knocks before you are labeled a homegrown terrorist, and according to the patriot act, you have zero rights to privacy after you have branded with that scarlet letter. Don’t believe me, look it up, it is in one of those articles that do more than just look pretty on paper.

BURN. Baby, burn.

That is what we should do to the constitution, because no one cares anymore, freedom is a nuisance for some, like having to take care of their lawn or doing the laundry.

Speaking of. I am falling behind. In the six hours that have passed, I have not checked a single item off my 'gotta get done, son' list, yet I am close with this sentence.

Done, a thousand words in the bag.

Okay one less thing to think about. Everything I write from here on out isn’t required for my goal and is buffer for the next time I have wasted time, but two hours to wash three loads of whites. Man, I don’t think I can do it.

I have always wondered if the washing machine is the one eating all the missing socks. I bet there is a pile of socks at the water treatment plant after being sucked down the drain during the rinse cycle.

Where do all the lost sole’s come from? Get it? The sole’s of your sock. Do you think it is from the slip-n-slide going on in the shoes? I don’t know but I wear out my soles all the damned time.

Jeeze us cry stall might be, I just keep painting myself into a corner, what are you going to do to save me.

I know, I know again already, something says I just don’t got it in me.

So what’s new in the world today?

Nothing a damn thing, just the same old lies.

You know, the truth, the truth is, it is why it is good to be misunderstood; I will tell you the next time I sit down to write I will tell you about truth, just wait, you will agree with me why the truth is a thing of beauty. We will explore the inner depths of its working while interjecting ancient proverbs. It will be so much fun.

Hush. Why would I lie about such a thing?

Oh it’s going around, that I might be welching on a few promises, then I want to make sure it is known that I am on strike. I am not writing anything that takes more brainpower than the typing itself. If they say anything, tell them not to worry it is a writing exercise. When I am back I will be more efficient and effective than ever.

(This next paragraph may or may not contain another word that breaks the I before E except after C rule on the switching of the I and E after a C clause. (Man. What a stupid rule. (You are (((O))) so correct.)))

Sorry, I am just having alittle bit more fun with parentheses’.

I guess I will leave you with that, enjoy.

(Hey you down voters, will you tell me where exactly I used 'would of' instead of 'would have', it would be much appreciated, that little spelling and grammar gadget isn't very helpful if you know what I mean. Oh and I am sorry I submitted this exercise before any editing took place. I did just a minute ago do a cursory glance, caught some of the major errors, but was in a hurry because I am off to see if I can nail another thousand to the board. So in finishing, if you allow, may I further my quandary by asking, what, prêt ell, have you done lately? /sarcasm)

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