Dream logs are not something I engage in often, because I don't think that the random churnings of my subconscious need to be preserved for everyone, for all time. But sometimes I have a dream that is significant enough, and vivid enough, that I want to preserve it.

My dream was a weird mixture of Infinite Jest, The Hunger Games and a mod to Battle for Wesnoth. I was a resident or counselor at a halfway house, and we had to complete 6 missions and/or battles in an arena to free ourselves from our various addictions. We were on our sixth and final mission, and the very first moment inside of the arena, someone pushed a button that caused the walls around us to rise up thousands of feet, which could be a good metaphor for addiction. Than the walls exploded. The the demons attacked. We rapidly retreated, and despite the great fear caused by the demonic attack, we managed to persevere. The next part of the dream is perhaps the most significant, because it describes how we held together as we wandered in the wilderness, and perhaps contains the spiritual key to what we had learned.

The conclusion of the dream, I do remember: we found our way to a house, and when we entered it, it was the house I live in now, but as it was in the summer of 2009, when it was clean and calm and bare. We entered into my living room, wondering what was going to happen next. And what happened next was another group of drug addicts, going on their sixth and final mission, who saw us as a group of demons, and begin to attack us. We calmly wished them well, but they heard this as threats and insults, and so we simply took a beating from them before they ran away. And then I awoke.

Both the messages and parallels of this dream are fairly obvious, although I don't know why I had it now.

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