Yesterday we shipped off for France. There was a good crowd seein' us off at the dock. Seein' all those nice folks so concerned about what we're doin' over there just made me even more determined to do my best. I know that we're the good guys and we have to win.
This sea voyage scares me a bit, being a farm boy and all. I go out to the deck and look at this huge ocean, and I'm on this little speck of metal floatin' across it. I've never seen anythin' this big in my life, and sometimes I think it might just swallow me up.
There's not much happening on the ship, so I've had time to think about stuff. Sometimes I wonder what I'll be like when I'm makin' this trip in the other direction, or if I'll even be able to come back again. That's a thought I don't dwell on for too long, 'cause I know that I'm smart enough to keep my head on.
Well, it hasn't been all dreamin'. As a matter of fact, I only hope I can make it a few more hours without pukin' my brains out again. This ocean-goin' business sure ain't for me.
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