I am an insufferable asshole, yet my wifey suffers me.

I spent most of the day sitting in the back yard, enjoying the company of my nekkid wifey, who, in turn, was enjoying the sunshine.

We managed to spend 5 hours doing just that.

Later in the day, I took wifey out for a wedding anniversary.
Service and food were exceptional, it feels like the best restaurant I've ever to (and I've been to a 3 hat one)

I tried all 3 of their tap beers and was pretty chatty by the end.

I came up with a following business idea:

- we make sugar lollies shaped like roosters (or kangaroos and call it ROOsters)
- out of sugar
- we sell them at the local market

I'm happy to lose a few hundred dollars trying this.
I would rather not lose a few hundred dollars doing this.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can not screw this up, please msg me and let me know.

This is something that I'm happy to fail at, we spent 3 hours talking about this and both of us agreed that this would make the world a better place; kids eating burnt sugar instead of E100, E162, E150d and whatever poison they put into lollies these days.

One of my arguments was that I, having grown up in USSR, could taste the difference between healthy food and... utter shit that was imported and seemed ok. (ask me about this and I'll elaborate, and you might just agree)

That point being... sugar tastes nice
sugar mixed with 40 different plastics.. doesn't.

I would like kids to know what normal lollies should taste like. I would take a burnt sugar lolly over a chupa chup any day and I want kids to know the difference.

Wifey and I are going to make some lollies and try to sell them at the local market, if you have any experience, please let me know, so we don't fall flat on our faces/asses.


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