A tensorial quantity used in Relativistic Electrodynamics which incorporates both the electric field and the magnetic field. Not invented by James Clerk Maxwell, but named after him, just to be kind (also called the field strength tensor).
It is written as Fμν (you may want to read about the abstract index notation at this point), and has components:
(0  -E1 -E2 -E3)
(E1  0   B3 -B2)
(E2 -B3  0   B1)
(E3  B2 -B1  0 )
an is an antisymmetric tensor (ie. reversing the indices changes the sign). Note that Fi0=-F01=Ei and Fij=εijkBk. In physcial law, it manifests itself in the relativistc form of the Lorentz Equation:


giving the electromagnetic 4-force on a patricle with charge q and 4-velocity vν. It is generated by the 4-current jν=(ρ,j)T;


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