Matthew Hale was born on July 27, 1971. He himself claims to have been attracted to the National Socialist movement in Germany (the former Nazi party) at an early age, reading such works as Mein Kampf (a redundant, bigotted and ultimately inconclusive book written by Adolf Hitler while in prison) and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. At age 8, he started a group in his elementary school called "The New Reich", a fraternal group which centered on racism. He completed high school and attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, graduating with a BA in political science. He became interested in The World Church of the Creator at this time.

     The World Church of the Creator's original founder, Ben Klassen, committed suicide on August 6, 1993. This led to a large disorganization within the group and, for a few years, factions and splinter groups attempted to take control. In 1996 on July 27 (his birthday), Matt Hale was appointed Pontifex Maximus, a term which was used in the early Christian church to denote the "highest priest". The pope is now Pontifex Maximus in the Catholic religion.

     Hale has been on many talk shows and interviewed by many reputable news sources. While these groups have no affiliation with Hale or his organization, it has been a key opportunity to see just what Hale has to say. Some little gems include:

     "The niggers and other mud races, which are anti-civilization by nature, have been "tolerated", the result being that the civilization is gradually ceasing to exist. As a nigger, for example, cannot be made to identify with that which is not in his nature, he can only make America like that which is in his nature: an anarchical jungle. Those who reign, therefore, are responsible for the growing mayhem in our country. They are responsible for the growing destruction of the American civilization."

     "I can spot Jews pretty readily. Of course there are the classic features of a hook nose, in fact one of our members puts it pretty well, a rat like appearance. The shape of the skull is different. The mouth is different often times. The eyes are very different. So all these factors in combination show a person to be a Jew."

     "We will not be firing the shots, but if we wish to walk into a territory here or there and they fire back, well that will be war." "Does the Church still support the idea of shipping the mud races back to their native lands? Of course, we have never deviated from that position. We never will and that's only the first step. We will withdraw all aid to them and they will wither on the vine. And one day white people will be basking in the sun of Africa in their own countries. I like that thought, Africa is a beautiful continent lets colonize the place as it should have been done, it was done at one time but it wasn't done right. It's time to do it right and drive the non-whites off the face of the earth."

    (all quotes taken from

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