Mats Soderlund, better known by his stage name "Gunther Levi," is currently an international Europop musician and night club owner. He hails from Sweden, and is notable for the success of his 2004 hit-single "Ding Dong Song."

Soderlund, a former male model, retired in 2004 to open his Malmo night club. In the same year, he decided to try his luck at making music, recording "Ding Dong Song", and was signed by Warner Records, Sweden, which released his record as a single. It was successful enough that he, by then contracted to the name Gunther, recorded an entire album around that song, which was called "Pleasureman," and was marketed both in Sweden and the United States.

Gunther has been touring and releasing singles ever since. He has become a cult sensation, performing for such entities as the Saybrook College of Yale University, the Tower Club of Princeton University, and the University of California, Santa Barbara -- making trouble every step of the way. Now, someone who hasn't heard Gunther probably doesn't know why he's so popular; allow me to explicate. Gunther promotes himself, and is likewise promoted, as the perfect hedonist. His motto is "Champagne, Glamour, Sex and Respect," and his music is explicitly erotic both in texture and in lyric. His goal is to sexualize society. It's all kind of a joke, but hey -- as a kid, I've got to say that it's hilarious.

Gunther is also notable for his look: He sports a mullet, large polarized sunglasses, and a fine moustache. Of course, these stylings only contribute to Gunther's cult appeal.


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