For those that don't (officially) know, most FTP's run on a ratio of Uploaded Bytes to Downloaded Bytes, usually 1:3. To get the credit that allows you to download, you must upload. People that don't have anything worthwhile to share create 'dummy files'. Tactics vary.

Similar to the old days of creating 10 meg .bmp's but much, much more annoying and frustrating. The lamer who thought of this should be castrated. The entire premise is archiving warez, re-archiving, re-re-archiving re-re-re-archiving and then archiving again ad nauseum. Whoever does this either:

a. Has no idea whatsoever how compression works


b. Too much time on his hands


c. Is an asshole and ruins legitimate (?) warez for everyone

Pick one, they're all true.

So here I sit, broken down, angry, nostalgic, a little high, and wholly disapointed with the state of the warez nation.

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