An old DOS game by Simtex (published by Microprose). The gameplay is similar to Master of Orion, but is more strategic. Basically, think Civilization but with wizards, dragons, and spells. There are two ways to win - either take over a wizard's capital city, or cast the Spell of Mastery (which, incidentally, is the last spell you ever research). You can't consider yourself a strategy gamer until you've played this gem of a game. Microprose should be producing a sequel to this game rather than another sequel to MOO. Note: everything in this writeup is IMHO. :)

The gameplay was quite similar the the original Civilization, as mentioned above, but one big difference was that you got to maneuver your troops around the battlefield for each battle, rather than have the computer decide who won with one random number.

Magic: the Gathering had many similarities to master of Magic, and I always wandered if there was some licensing deal that was done that explained why there was never a sequel.

Similarities between Master of Magic and Magic: the Gathering

Magic came in five different flavours in each game, with the same colours in each, representing the same concepts. ie, white = life and combat prowess, black = death, green = natural world, blue = air and sorcery, red = fire and earth.

Each game also had the concept of mana, with a connection to the land. In Master of Magic your cities generated mana, and there were also nodes that could be conquered and used as a sort of mana spring. So, the more land you controlled, the more mana you had.

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