She's lying down on the sweat-soaked bed, fading fast. These are the last moments we will be with each other. These are the few final fleeting seconds that I will be intact. When she is gone, so am I. When she's gone, there's no more meaning in it.

She told me that I had to do it for her, if it had to be that way. She meant it when she asked if I could do it, but when I said I could, I didn't think it would ever come down to it. I have to do it. I can't let her down. She needs me now.

It will be quick and painless, compared to the unfathomable agony she would endure if I let her... change. I can't let that happen to her.

Fuck, it's happening. This is it... it has to be done. I can't hesitate. One last look into those pale blue eyes, tears streaming down her red and swollen face. She smiles, her last lucid gesture of love to me. I will never see you again.

Pop. That was quick. She's dead, it's over now. I'm finished. There's nothing left inside me. Oh well, why not go out with a bang?

Make the preparations, then kick the door down. No need for it anymore, it's just a flimsy barrier from the inevitable. Light that rag, and lob it into the throng of half-dead, infectious motherfuckers that are seething in a great mass outside the house. There is no fucking hope for anyone here.

Hold back, don't shoot yet. Let them cook for a while. God, what a sickening aroma. Rotten meat mixed with burning hair and grease. Let's see... the nine iron seems just perfect for the job. A nice sharp wedge on the end of a carbon-fiber Flex-Stik™. Just step into their midst, and bring it down right onto the tops of their rotten heads. What a sound it makes... thock thock thock. Like hitting a grapefruit with a baseball bat, every now and then that satisfying crack of the skull that sounds like splintering wood.

Shit, they're closing in around me. Start shooting now... save that last shot for me. Goddammit, fucking thing got me. That's the end of me. Well, we had a good run. I have no regrets.

And, after all, I've always wanted to be around for the end of the world.

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