The Marshall story started in England with a drummer named Jim Marshall. In 1962 Jim Marshall developed the first Marshall amp in a small shop with the help of Ken Bran, an electrical technician.

From these humble beginnings, the demand for the unique tone and quality of these amps soon caused Marshall Amplification to out grow its small workshop. A new factory was sought out within a year and Marshall Amplification was on its way to fame. Demand continued to grow and within a short time Marshall was forced to move and expand its factory multiple times.

During the mid-sixties and early seventies many guitarists in the bands of the British Invasion were using Marshall Amplification. This caused an even greater up rise in the demand for Marshall’s very unique and durable amp.

Throughout the many years of Marshall it has gone through many changes and a large array of models. However, Marshall’s dedication to creating quality amps with superior tone has remained. This is why Marshall amps are still seen on the “backline” of a very large number of popular bands today.

Some of those who have used, or are still using, Marshall Amplification are listed:

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