Let me begin by asking first for a divorce and if that is not at all feasible, I'll settle for a separation. Every day its the same. I wake up at six, shower, iron, attempt to do something with my hair and get the hell out the door just before 7. I ride the subway with suits who are all neatly pressed on the outside, but beneath their clothes, they look like they've all expired years ago.

I do not want to end up like them.

I arrive at the office before most of the others I work with and from there, my day unravels itself into the usual mess that I'm becoming tired of. My latest meeting with my boss has secured me at least three years worth of work, and I am considering giving my apartment up and moving into my cubicle. I'm going to be there seven days a week until Christmastime...

I am far too young to feel this way.

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