I am amazed at the number of people who constantly push me to get married. I mean, don't get me wrong, I want to get married, I am ready to be June Cleaver (ok, so I am slightly more neurotic than she, but still...). It seems, however, that I can't turn around without someone impaling me with their nephew/neighbor/milkman/paperboy who just happens to be single.

This seems especially true in the church. Apparently, God only uses/blesses those who are married, and you are not truly an adult until you walk down the aisle to marital bliss.

I went to a small, private college, where the unofficial motto was "Ring by Spring or your money back!" What in the world!!! Unfortunately, I fell into this trap and became engaged the summer after my freshman year. We were horribly wrong for each other and broke up soon thereafter.

Whenever I tell someone that I used to be engaged I always get the same response: They cock their head to one side and say (very sympathetically)"I'm sorry. What happened, if you don't mind my asking?" I want to respond by saying-A)I DO mind you asking, because it's none of your business, and B)Don't be sorry, because if I had gotten married I would be miserable and be on my way to becoming part of the I-didn't-want-to-get-a-divorce-but-I-got-married-too-young-because-people-were-pushing-me statistic! However, instead of giving those answers, I simply say "It just didn't work out".

Which is okay with me. I am comfortable enough with myself that I can live quite happily with the knowledge that, if and when I do get married, it will be because I have found that one person who I can't wait to talk to at the end of the day. The one who completes my thoughts and makes my favorite kind of coffee for me. Not because it's spring and I'm running out of time...

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