Marlborough College was founded in 1843 by a group of Church of England Clergy. It was encouraged by the Archbishop of Canterbury, with the idea that it would provide a boarding education for the sons of Clergy which would be cheap enough for almost everyone to be able to afford. The original fees were £31-50p per year for clergy's sons and £52-50p per year for non-clergy boys. Current fees are closer to £20,000 a year, but you must also pay for things like books, sports equipment and probably extra food due to the scariness of creations made in Norwood Hall (The main dining hall).

Marlborough College was created in Marlborough because of the town being in the centre of the south of England and because the Great Western Railway did not come to Marlborough when Brunel built the Paddington to Bristol line in 1841/2.

This meant that all the inns in the Town which had relied on the old road traffic on the Great West Road went out of business and what had been a very up-market coaching inn ("The Castle Inn" at Marlborough) was leased to found the new school (My dreams have been realised, a school based in a pub!)

The original size of the school was to be a maximum of 500 boys. The school now caters for around 860 pupils aged 13-18, with the ratios of around 2:1 for boys:girls. Although the College still gives bursaries to the children of clergy, there are only about 25 Clergy children in the College to-day.

If you would like to know more about the history of Marlborough College, please read:

"Paths of Progress - A History of Marlborough College"
by Thomas Hinde
Published by James & James Ltd
75 Carleton Road
London N7 0ET
ISBN 0 907383 33 5

However, if your are more interested in the current situation, head on over to

Marlborough College is located at: 418500E 169500N (N51:25:27 W1:44:07)

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