Author of various books and the person who popularized the word metrosexual, Mark Simpson was born in York, England where he attended Oriel College, Oxford. After working various odd jobs, he settled down as a writer where he has contributed to The Guardian, Salon, The Independent, and others.

Simpson often has a witty, irreverent writing style that is quite entertaining. He often criticizes mainstream "gay culture" and fetishises the masculine ideal usually contained in marines and other members of military life. In addition to editing Anti-Gay, as of this writing his works include:

In his writing, Simpson talks a good deal about gender roles and sexuality. He sees the lines of masculinity being continually blurred, and he himself is living evidence of the Kinsey idea of a sexual spectrum. His disappointment for where most queer encounters go is documented pretty well in The Queen is Dead, which is a funny read if you can handle the rather downbeat humor.

He's been attributed the "deadbeat dad" of the term metrosexual by quietly avoiding taking credit for the term. Being a self-described "lesbosexual", which he demonstrates by visiting a giant sportsware warehouse and buying his clothes for the year, he often has an ambivalence to metrosexual culture. In his writing and interviews, he tends to see metrosexual culture now as just another marketing and demographic group that has been settled into and is filling corporate coffers. On the other hand, he does see the liberating effect that metrosexual ideals have given to purging the old restrictions of masculinity.

His website is at

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