Ah, the 6'4" vision that is Mark Gunderson... He seems to be the main representative/ "spokesperson" for the Evolution Control Committee, a fantastic experimental collage/noise/art band out of Columbus, Ohio who have been around since 1987. Recommended listens are the perennial Napster favorite "Rocked By Rape" and the cassette-only release "Gunderphonic," starring the notorious juxtapositionings of Public Enemy and Herb Alpert in a tangy blend (but good luck finding it in physical form - look on Napster for "Whipped Cream Mix," "Arizona" or "Rebel").

Aside from the musical side of things, however, Mr. Gunderson is quite an interesting artist, arts organizer, writer and netizen in his own right. Search for "Burning Corn" on google.com to read about an Ohio version of Burning Man he organized. A mere smattering of some of the interesting, politicized and weird things the Committee participates in can be found at www.evolution-control.com.

And kids, if you ever hear about the ECC coming to your town, DO NOT MISS THEM! Not only is Mark Gunderson remarkably entertaining for an experimental musican (it's quite a show... and ladies, he's kinda cute!), but the recent development of the Thimbletron makes for a far more exciting, "hands-on" (pun intended) electronic-music performance than I had ever seen before. Two thumbs up for Mark G. and the Evolution Control Committee!

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