Mariam Nour achieved stardom when she appeared on Al Jazeera channel, apart from Jazeera, she appeared on many other Arab channels after her Jazeera stardom. Viewers love her and hate her! They love her because her message of a healthy diet and life style is refreshing in this day and age of processed food, and hate her because she is considered to be a certified weirdo by many viewers! She is a weirdo because she is full of contradictions. She studied Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, but people don't know under what category to classify her under! since she makes reference under many belief system and is prone to change her mind. She does not like meat consumption of any sort but encourages fish meat consumption, her favorite food group is anything based on wheat.

Little is known about Mariam Nour personal bio, nothing of particular interest can be found in web searches or in magazines or TV stations that will shed some light on her background, other than she was originally born in Lebanon, currently consider her self a US citizen, even though according to her she is a citizen of planet earth. Nour is in her 70s, but looks much younger because of her vegetarian diet, spreading a vegetarian diet is her goal.

"I will end my saying with this quote: "People say I am brainwashing people. No, I am not brainwashing people. I am certainly washing their brains - and I believe in dry cleaning." " --

Mariam Nour stayed in India, America, Europe, and much of the Middle East. It is apparent through many viewers that she is as multi cultural as any one can get, that is why she is loved, the hatred part is based on her constant changing of her mind and how people have a hard time following her train of thought, she is a loner, was married but ended up in divorce.

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