I hate to admit it, but March was an unproductive month for me. It's pretty easy for me to get lost in this world. It's pretty easy for my mind to wander.

I enjoy my low-key lifestyle, even though there's parts of it that bother me. It bothers me that I don't have very much money. It bothers me that I'm isolated in this obscure corner of the map far away from most of my friends. Being a self-reliant adult is kind of nerve wracking.

Vision keeps me going. It's something I have a hard time talking about. Having an active imagination is not always considered an asset in our modern world. We live in a society that values results. Less conversation, more action. Put up or shut up. A lot of the time my ability to clearly visualize a cooler future is the only thing that keeps me going, but when it comes time to express that vision I stutter and stumble. I convince myself that nobody wants to hear it.

Ultimately, it's a self-defeating mindset. I end up crumpling up ideas and throwing them away, not because I think they're bad but because I lack the force of will to present them to other people. It's depressing. The obvious solution would be to stop doing that.

So I'm going to stop doing that.

I hope that's cool with you.

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