Today is the second day of the second round of the NCAA tournament, and around college campuses everywhere, students are watching. Hell, right after I finish writing this, I'm putting my laptop on the shelf next to the television and my roommate's laptop so we can watch three games at once. Why is this worth talking about?

Because I hate sports.

So do half the people watching this tournament. I don't know the names of any players not on my school's team, and I generally never watch basketball. But the last three days, its all I've done. I watched Western Kentucky upset Drake, Duke lose to West Virginia, among some fourty games the last couple days. I don't give a shit about any of these teams, nor the sport. Why do I watch, then?

Because I love upsets.

Upsets. There's a story in every game, a David and Goliath story waiting to be written. Last second three pointers are exciting, and you don't have to like sports to appreciate that. If you haven't watched any of the games this weekend, watch today. There is nothing on television, the internet, or maybe even Everything2 today that will evoke as much emotion as the passion that these kids have will. Watch Arkansas try to take down the number 1 seed tonight. Watch Davidson go for upset number 2 on Georgetown. Or don't. Do what you want.

I'm done writing, but only because the game is on.

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