Grundoon's birthday tomorrow. Miss her, miss her, miss her.

I went to chorus last night. L is the last remaining person who started the chorus in 1997. My father was one of the people who started it. Miss him too. L turned 80 on my father's birthday this month. She reminded me.... we have been the core of the second soprano section for years, since I joined in 2000. She has perfect pitch. I let her choose one of my mother's paintings after my father died. I want to go visit and see it on the wall. She chose one of the large pastels, 3 by 6 feet, heavy in the wood frame with glass. She says she has three pieces of my mother's up. I don't know which two others she has. Tea, soon.

My ex's birthday is the day after my sister's and that's my sister outlaw's birthday and then mine and then the 29th. I am finding March hard. But there are daffodils and my camellia bush is covered with blossoms and the plums are nearly past and the tulip tree in the back yard is in full insanity and smells divine.... cherries are blooming all over town.

We have had a few sunny days in the last week.

April is nearly here. It usually rains all April, clouds down touching the ground in the morning or sitting just at the top of the clock tower on the court building. Or fog rising in the am, which really means that it will often clear off by afternoon. When we are clear, Seattle and Mount Tahoma hide behind clouds. I am always surprised when the weather turns rainy in April: I still expect it to be like Alexandria, Virginia, when the dogwoods and cherry trees are out.

I am glad that April is nearly here.

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