Grundoon's birthday tomorrow. Miss her, miss her, miss her.

I went to chorus last night. L is the last remaining person who started the chorus in 1997. My father was one of the people who started it. Miss him too. L turned 80 on my father's birthday this month. She reminded me.... we have been the core of the second soprano section for years, since I joined in 2000. She has perfect pitch. I let her choose one of my mother's paintings after my father died. I want to go visit and see it on the wall. She chose one of the large pastels, 3 by 6 feet, heavy in the wood frame with glass. She says she has three pieces of my mother's up. I don't know which two others she has. Tea, soon.

My ex's birthday is the day after my sister's and that's my sister outlaw's birthday and then mine and then the 29th. I am finding March hard. But there are daffodils and my camellia bush is covered with blossoms and the plums are nearly past and the tulip tree in the back yard is in full insanity and smells divine.... cherries are blooming all over town.

We have had a few sunny days in the last week.

April is nearly here. It usually rains all April, clouds down touching the ground in the morning or sitting just at the top of the clock tower on the court building. Or fog rising in the am, which really means that it will often clear off by afternoon. When we are clear, Seattle and Mount Tahoma hide behind clouds. I am always surprised when the weather turns rainy in April: I still expect it to be like Alexandria, Virginia, when the dogwoods and cherry trees are out.

I am glad that April is nearly here.

Donald Trump just got a huge boost.

Recently he made statements about Brussels, saying it was a place that was lovely and he appreciated very much being there - but not anymore. Because, he said - of a lack of true integration and ethnic tension, it was now "a hellhole". 

Twitterites had a field day. They posted pictures of Belgian waffles and chocolate and even the New York Times got in on ratpacking his comments. Brussels was not a dangerous place, it didn't have Islamic problems, and...

Two bombs went off today during rush hour in Brussels. Both the airport and a metro (subway) station saw explosions, killing upward of 26 people. It was apparently retaliation for Paris actually prosecuting the Islamic terrorist attacks on Paris last year. 

And the Trump supporters are taking full advantage, asking in essence: "you were saying?"

That and a documentary clip from 60 Minutes showing "refugees" (very probably economic migrants from North Africa) kicking and punching a camera crew and teaming up on a disabled man who rammed them when they started swinging for the reporters. Their message is clear: "At SOME point, we have to stop hoping and wishing that cuddling and coddling these people will work. They're dangerous, marauding invaders. THE MUSLIM BAN IS A GOOD IDEA, CAN WE EXTEND THIS TO DEPORT THOSE ALREADY HERE, NOW."

It's a monstrous message. But then again it's born of a monstrousness too.

When people look at Trump and do a comparison of him and Hitler, they forget that it wasn't the oratory of an insane Austrian that won the country over - it's that the Germans of the time were dealing with high crime, low opportunity and having to carry their grocery money in wheelbarrows because of hyperinflation. Hitler was, if you remember, named "Man of the Year" by Time magazine for turning their economy around and building a strong economic state.

And if he wins, he wins not because Americans are troglodyte vermin - but because absolutely nobody else has come up with any kind of conclusive plan to ameliorate the lot the people his message resonates with. Hillary's is "business as usual". Cruz thinks he's an "anointed King" chosen by God to usher in the End Times. Trump's message is clear. Everything standing in the way of you having the middle class lifestyle you used to have - be it illegals undercutting your business, or trade agreements designed to suck jobs out of this country and send them elsewhere - will be removed. Worried about your personal security? I'll deport the criminals out of your midst.

While Europe likes to "hon hi hon hi hon hi hon" about all this, it can't ignore that it quietly paid off Turkey to take all the "refugees" BACK. Political correctness has its limits, and you hit them when your children start to get raped, the police are pelted with bricks and there's parts of your town they won't go into anymore. After all Europe, with its photos of waffles and beer and nose-down sneering at the US - is trying to quietly deport its problems too. And my guess is we're five more bombings away from Europe saying enough is enough and demanding its politicians nuke the Middle East until it's a sheet of glass. 

This is ALL avoidable. But it involves a Christian answer of charity but one that respects the feelings and wishes of all. Of course we should try and repatriate and help everyone we can - but not at the expense of anyone else. Not by marginalizing critics sneering at them for being "racist" and "stupid". We've got to lift all boats at once, otherwise we have "winners" and "losers" in this, with both sides "instantly identifiable". And down that path lies madness - with a white progressive lying in the streets bootstomped for "being racist", and a peaceful wonderful charitable Muslim's home firebombed because he looks like the bombers who attacked the airport.

The problem is born of hate. Any solution which involves hate will also fail. But the proposed solution of handwringing and lighting candles and singing Kum By Ya will not work either. It never has.


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