Super Tuesday, USA

So it looks like Hillary Clinton is going to win it for the Democrats. Which will end up, in my personal opinion, being a Pyrrhic victory.

There's a reason why the Obama revolution stalled in his second term. Obama was elected for "hope and change", much of which never materialized. He said we'd close Gitmo, it's still open. We were going to get out of wars - we're still in them. We're going to fix this and that and the other. Between Solyndra going under and Obamacare turning out to double health care prices with larger deductibles for most people - the momentum that propelled him to power just fizzled, and he didn't have the majority he had and wasted the first time around.

In this election, with the exception of a few fruitcakes who come out of the woodwork, there are basically two competing ideologies out there that represent actual, bona fide change from the status quo.

Bernie Sanders, on the left, believes in the idea of redistributing our spending patterns to do things like provide a basic health care for every man woman and child in this country, provide free education for everyone who wants to take advantage of it. This is not some insane, out-there kind of plan - it's what works really well in Europe. And the thing is, whereas people fear taxes, the plan would be paid for by having corporate interests actually pay them for once, and maybe buy FOUR bombers from Raytheon, rather than FIVE this year.

And of course we have loose cannon Donald Trump, who is barking up the whole thing as a reality series. He's going to make America Great Again. How? By spending the same amount of money that would pay for health care, to build a giant wall between Mexico and America. The scary thing is, he's running on a platform of xenophobia, Islamophobia, and a general contempt for anyone who isn't a rich white man - but still represents the sanest voice on the Republican side. If you don't believe me, have a listen to Ted Cruz who believes himself to be an anointed king, anointed by God to usher in the End Times. He also called out Trump for having a small penis.

Threw my vote away on Sanders - because most places are returning in Clinton - the multi-decade political insider who professes to be there for people of color, yet once campaigned on the fear that blacks are degenerate "superpredators" who she'd "bring to heel", and responded to a Black Lives Matter protestor by literally telling her to "shut up" and that she'd talk to her later. More flip flops than a shoe factory in Australia, and of course, she's on the Goldman Sachs payroll. But in ads, Morgan Freeman soothingly assures us that she's there to redress income inequaity for women, and that she really, really, really really cares about black people. Who her husband incarcerated in droves to bump up the profits of privatized prisons.

But everyone, we're supposed to vote for her BECAUSE SHE'S A WOMAN. Notwithstanding that the FBI is considering charges against her for routing top secret emails by the dozens through an unsecured personal server she kept in a bathroom. Or that she's a contemptible human being in many respects who's merely parroting parts of other people's platforms in a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

But the truth of the matter is, it's all about personal ambition, and even if Sanders had had any more stroke with the electorate, she'd already sewed up the superdelegates - you don't spend 40 years in politics without accruing favors.

And the old people sure let the young people know that their champion, Sanders, is stupid. "This sort of thing is not realistic" they simper - but the truth of the matter is, the Baby Boomer generation sold out the same principles they'd have cheered in Sanders if they'd had him around in their own youth. It would GALL them that they died out with another generation fixing the things they paid lip service to getting around to fix. In my view, they're sabotaging any chance at change in one final denial that it's possible to assuage their guilt at selling out.

Clinton is clearly pandering to them, and it sticks. Income inequality by gender is a problem indeed. But it's not a problem for younger women. It's a problem for older women - the same ones who are hitting retirement age hoping that they'll get their Social Security checks adjusted upwards. The problems young people are seeing is that they can't afford places to live, they can't afford college, and they can't afford health care. The Clinton voters don't see a problem - Obamacare shunted the costs onto the young from the old, and they can certainly afford to pay it, devoid of student loans and with the house paid off (with significant equity to boot). Their retirement funds saw the biggest streak of growth in human history - they're in the catbird seat. What, me worry?

The truth of the matter is, this coming election will very probably see Trump vs Clinton, and Trump is projected to win it if that happens. People generally dislike Hillary Clinton and her pant-suits personally, and her playing the gender card (you just hate me because I'm a woman) is offensive. The fact that she's bought and paid for and in the trough like every other politician means that the only true voice, the only outsider voice, is going to be Trump's. Even if he's the cross between Zaphod Beeblebrox and Adolf Hitler, he's not the same refried crap we've been served for years, and the Democrats made damn sure their person was going to be the solid establishment choice. I've heard from many that though they stumped for Sanders, they will vote for Trump, on principle.

God help us.

So the Democrats are going to quietly coronate Hillary, thanking her for her 40 years of service to the party and her graciously stepping aside for Obama to run. They'll return her the favor. Sanders will go back to Vermont, and a whole host of young, idealistic voters will probably never vote again. It's what I've been hearing. The death of the Bernie Sanders campaign isn't just a blow for Sanders personally - it's a signal to America that nothing ever changes. It's yet again two hand-picked Wall Street executives quietly portraying themselves by the identity politics du jour, but ultimately financing the war machine, letting the rich get richer, and smoking pot themselves but never fixing the laws against it. And, in a strange and sick echo of the corporate crony Wall Street system that supported and birthed Clinton - the Democrats will eat its future growth and sustainability for a Q4 profit so that the CEO du jour can fulfil his or her personal ambitions, and fuck the company.

But in the interim, the other bloc of idealistic voters, the one who really want to shake things up by handing the keys to the Donald, are gonna have a field day. We all are.







Yesterday a neighbor of mine stopped by to see how I was doing. She had noticed that I wasn't returning calls and texts as promptly as I had in the past (which made me wonder if I spend more time chained to my phone than I think that I do) and wanted to drop off some things I had loaned her, most of which I hadn't remembered which was also slightly scary. We sat in the kitchen before we made our way into the living room. It was really nice hearing her perspective on things. She sees the world differently than I do, we have some similar qualities, but different personalities. She's an absolute sweetheart and I hope I'm the kind of friend that she needs in her life even when I'm flaking out and oversleeping.

It snowed yesterday so I put my boots on and went out to shovel. One to three inches had been predicted, we probably got twice that, but I didn't mind since the snow was so light and powdery. I kept meaning to buy salt for the driveway, my neighbor stopped by with some so I mixed that with sand and spread it out after I had cleared most of the snow. Thankfully the sun was out, I have a few icy patches left, but the majority of my drive is clear and ice free. I had to go back out after the first pass, it's good exercise, I don't ever really fling snow, I push my shovel across the concrete and don't worry about the residual snow I leave behind. I try to keep up on it since it's a very intimidating project if I don't as our driveway is long and wide.

I've been reading Pain Free by Pete Egoscue, a book I highly recommend to anyone and everyone since he has an authoritative grasp on what causes pain and some hard truths for the owners of bodies. You have to do the work yourself. There's no getting around it. It's taking me a while to get into it, I don't know why since I love what he says, I'm probably lazier than I'd like to think myself although I've been doing his e-cizes for weak ankles which have shown me how bad mine really are. In the book he has a case study that reminds me of myself. A woman fell and shattered her ankle after stepping on a magazine. His argument is that stronger ankles would have reduced or eliminated the injury, and I'm inclined to agree.

I woke up at six when my alarm went off, convinced myself to get up out of bed, drank some water, and laid back down on the couch. I didn't know if I would be able to fall back to sleep, but I did. I had a dream about the neighbors, for some reason I was wearing an orange suede suit to watch her kids. She had a new orange van, and her husband came home to tell a kid that I don't remember seeing earlier in the dream that so and so had been speaking at whatever event he had been attending. I didn't take anything for sleep last night so I woke up several times, the first time around three, and another time, but I don't have a clock in my room so I couldn't say when that was. Overall I felt and feel pretty good, but I'm still tired at ten, don't know what that means if anything. I really need to buy groceries, but at least I did some laundry and the dishes yesterday which is progress in my book

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