The weekend is over.

What does this mean, one might ask?

The dorm bathroom is fucking filthy.

The more I'm at college, the less I understand how people act. I'm a freshman at Stanford right now, and it's kind of amazing to see how people act. I was expecting to be surrounded by brilliant, responsible, clean people. I was right about brilliant, but totally wrong about responsible and clean. Sigh.

What has happened over the past fortnight

Over the past 2 or so weeks, lets see what filth has descended on my dorm:

That is disgusting.

It's not like I live in a big 3000000000000 person dorm either, where it's filthy because there are so many people. My dorm is a 60 person dorm, full of some of the least confrontational, most passive people you'll ever meet. It's not even all freshmen. One of the upperclassmen wrote an email saying:

This is my fourth year in the dorms, and this dorm is by far the filthiest.

I just really don't understand though. Maybe I'm more responsible or polite then other people, and that causes me to throw my trash in the receptacle? That'd be ironic, because everyone in the dorm sees me as an arrogant douchebag.

The worst part of it is just that its totally disrespectful. First things first, its disrespectful to the cleaning ladies. They work really hard to keep our dorm clean, and they do a magnificent, thorough job of it. I would not put up with our shit if I were them, and would've fined us much more. Secondly, its just horribly disrespectful to the rest of the people in the dorm. I'm sorry to all the people who are "adjusting to living with other people" but thats bullshit. People like my roommate, who left his dirty dishes in our sink for a week, are the problem. When you don't have enough respect for the people around you, or even yourself, you need to rethink your shit.

Well, we have Winter Quarter finals this week, so we have our Spring Break the week after. God willing, people will realize the error of their ways, and I won't have to deal with people ruining the bathrooms when I get back.

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