A disclaimer flashed on TV during advertisements of contests. Despite its use as a legal shield against lawsuits, it has almost a philosophical nature to it. Everyone is born, but how many are truly happy? Everyone searches for a lasting healthy relationship, but how many find their partner? Every actor wants to be a star, but how many will actually ever be remembered?

When one realizes that only a few will win, enlightenment comes. It is an acceptance of the universe's failure to be perfect, an acceptance of the impartiality of the wheel of fortune. One of the few slogans on television that promote a calm living of life, as opposed to the usual urging to buy this, and that, and maybe that too. It's also proof that insight can come through contemplation of anything, and a reminder to gullible suckers that you probably are not going to win that vacation to Taihiti. Of course, if you never enter, you'll never win... And the cycle of contemplation starts again.

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