Sci-fi televison show which aired a scant eight (hour long) episodes on NBC from Sept.1983 to Dec. 1983. The absolutely ridiculous plot centered around a character named Johnathan Chase, an English college professor at NYU who had the impressive yet bizarre ability to transform himself into any kind of animal (think Wonder Twins). Of course he used these powers to battle all manner of crime in seedy pre-Black Monday New York City.I've heard The Sci-Fi Channel has aired reruns in recent years.

Simon MacCorkindale as Jonathan Chase
Melody Anderson as Brooke Mackenzie
Michael D. Roberts as Tyrone 'Ty' C. Earl
Reni Santoni as Lt. Nick Rivera
William Conrad as the Narrator

Episode Guide
1- 1 30 Sep 83 Manimal (90 min)
1- 2 14 Oct 83 Illusion
1- 3 21 Oct 83 Night of the Scorpion
1- 4 28 Oct 83 Female of the Species
1- 5 4 Nov 83 High Stakes
1- 6 3 Dec 83 Scrimshaw
1- 7 10 Dec 83 Breath of the Dragon
1- 8 17 Dec 83 Night of the Beast

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