Mandy Slade is the character in Velvet Goldmine that represents Angela Bowie. She was played by a chameleon-like, chainsmoking, smolderingly sexy Toni Collette.
Mandy was a flamboyant American who tried her hardest to be a British playgirl. She wooed and wedded Brian Slade (Who represented David Bowie). She stood by his side and supported him as he rose to fame, but was cast aside in favor of coke and the limelight when Brian didn't need her anymore. We meet her in a seedy dive ten years after her divorce and learn her tragic story through a series of flashbacks.

"Mandy Slade" is also used as a verb by die-hard Velvet Goldmine fans. We use it to describe being dumped by a friend or significant other in favor of addictive habits.
Correct usage: "Bob hasn't called me in weeks, and today I heard that for the past 3 weeks he's been holed up in his apartment, shooting up!
"That sucks. He Mandy Slade-ed you."

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