This is a rather offensive term that was applied to me in a local bar (or Private Club here in Utah). A brown-haired, Jack Mormon, return missionary slid next to me and yelled: "Hey! Why don't you come over to my table, have a seat so we can talk."

I said: "You know, I'm pretty comfortable here, but thanks."

He cocked one eyebrow (his best impression of The Rock) and gave me a practiced smile. "Oh come on! You are one fine piece of Man Candy that I'd love to unwrap in conversation."

I turned to face him, my Vodka and Tonic in hand, took one long sip and smiled back. "Why don't you put your hands down your pants and feel your balls for me."

He looked very shocked. "Why?"

"Because tonight you're lucky I didn't tear them off."

Guys, free advice here. Look at this story and put the term Man Candy in the file marked "Pick up terms I should never use".


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