Mammoth is a town, a mountain, and a series of lakes in the eastern Sierra Nevada of California. The town is fairly small but very yuppified as it is near an extremely popular skiing and snowboarding resort. The slope is on mammoth mountain, a large, rounded mountain which is prominent becuase it is a volcano. Mammoth is located around 7000 feet (the mountain is around 11,000) and is at the headwaters of the Owens River in Mono County, along highway 395. Although you wont hear about it visiting the town, the area is very geologically active, as carbon dioxide seeps from the ground in some places and frequent earthquakes warn of a possible eruption from Mammoth Mountain or the Long Valley Caldera. So, if you want a good place to snowboard and live in LA, give it a try, but get out of there if you feel too much shaking.

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