A book review:

Mammals and Their Milk (ISBN: 039608317X)by Lucia Anderson, is a children's book (48 pages) that I LOVE!

This book is a basic lesson in reproduction, evolution, and the differences between egg laying animals whose young usually must fend for themselves and mammals who have milk to feed their young.

Real words (sperm, fertilize, reproduce, embryo, mammary glands, hormones) are used to explain in still simple ways the way it all works.

Different mammals are illustrated with color drawings (cats, humans, deer, mice, bears, monkeys, dogs, lions, bats, bunnies, horses, pigs, elephants, hippos, pigs, whales, opossums and of course the ubiquitous cow). A paragraph to a page or so is dedicated to the unique features of each species.

Then, joy oh joy, interesting yet understandable explanations are given of what milk is made from and why one species milk is inappropriate for another species (different ratios of fat, protein, sugars). Even vitamins, minerals and antibodies are dealt with.

A couple of pages are dedicated to "Dairy animals Around the World" showing not just cows but oxen, water buffalo, yak, camel, reindeer sheep, goats and mares as animals used by man for their milk.

A few more pages give some fun activities to do with milk; like making invisible ink or yogurt.

All in all a wonderful book, covering subjects many adults don't "get" in terms children can easily understand.

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