A type of British biscuit - cookie to the Americans.

First produced by Elkes Biscuit Factory (now part of the Northern Food Group Ltd), Staffordshire, in 1924, Malted Milks are a part of many a British persons memories (mine mainly come from cocoa and a malted milk before bedtime).

The main ingredients are wheat flour, sugar, malt extract and milk. They have a distinctive rich malted flavour (much like Ovaltine) - hence the name.

They are often called "Cow Biscuits" because of the relief picture on the front which shows a cow grazing and another lying down. Around the outside of the biscuit is a raised plait effect edge and across the top of the scene the words MALTED MILK are emblazoned in capital letters.

Elkes probably make use of the nearby brewing industry of Burton on Trent for the malt extract added to the biscuit and the milk probably comes from local dairy herds.

As Elkes also produce own brand products for supermarkets and retailers, it is likely that every Malted Milk you eat will have been made by the company.

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