Mall Monkeys is a webcomic about the “mall adventures” of a group of misfit teenagers.The first comic was published on the 18th of July 2002.

Mall Monkeys is always bizarre, and often wanders into the surreal. Mall Monkeys is, in my opinion, very funny. Note that the humour is often sexual and probably offensive to some. It is a daily full colour comic, and almost always has four square panels in this configuration:

   1   2

   3   4

The art has improved somewhat from the beginning, and now makes use of computer generated effects. Photographs are sometimes used in the the comic to create realistic effects. For instance, this was used to create a realistic fireball when the mall was blown up (which has happened at least twice).

Mall Monkeys was created by Eric Drobile, Keith Smith, and Rob Weyman. Eric, Keith, and Rob sometimes appear in the strip. They are usually seen plotting the scripts out or being insulted by other cast members. Eric does all of the drawing, and has written and one third to one half of the strips. Rob and Keith wrote the rest.

The cast is:

Mall Monkeys achieves a rating of 4/5 on 256's Webcomic Rating System

Mall Monkeys can be found at:

Update: Mall Monkeys has now ended and is currently offline - 2004 February 18.

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