I found this mouthwash recipe while reading up on natural alternatives to some of the things I use daily. I have loved the idea of natural alternatives since forever but these days it seems even more pressing to be organic in light of global warming and such (however true that may be). So I'm thinking I should share it.
This mouthwash can be used in the way you would use your store bought mouthwash.

Take the distilled water add to it the Tspn of Xylotol until Xylotol dissolves.
Then add the 1/4 Tspn baking soda plus 1/4 sea salt and mix well.
Now add 1 drop of clove essential oil + 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract and mix again and it is ready to use.

Some information on your ingredients:

Xylotol - is a natural occurring sweetener - helps eliminate tooth decay because it creates an alkaline condition in your mouth

Clove oil - antiseptic - prevents plaque, gum disease, cavity bacteria and even colds and flu germs

Sea salt - alkalizes and helps saliva to re-mineralize and harden teeth which it would do under the right conditions.

Salt - eliminates bacteria

Baking soda - creates an alkaline condition in your mouth and may have cavity filling and teeth whitening properties

Grape seed extract - is used for mouth sores, gum problems, and eliminates cavities.

I feel bad because I can’t remember where I initially got this recipe from.
But, For a toothpaste variant try this recipe here and here

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