Majandra (actually Maria Alejandra, except that her younger sister couldn't pronounce her name properly, so it was changed) plays the swollen lipped 'wacky friend' of Shiri Appleby's character Liz on Roswell.
She is quite a neurotic ditz who falls for the resident 'bad boy' Michael, played by Canadian Brendan Fehr.
Interestingly, the pair are together in real life.

And in real life, Majandra simply plays the swollen lipped, deeper character. She says it is hard for her to play a character so light and bubbly and funny and loud.
She now has a record deal and has produced a few songs, among them: Bruises, Siren, and Tattoo. She has an odd website selling merchandise and such; ~ there's odd images of her in a nightgown all tangled on a bed and with large eyes you can click open and closed, and pills that float out of her hand, that play different songs when you touch them.

Random Tidbits:

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