Comic strip from South Africa

Written and drawn by S.Francis, H.Dugmore and Rico.

Started shortly after the end of Apartheid, the strip tells the tales of a madam (Gwen Anderson) and her live-in maid (Eve Sisulu). Of course, this is a pretty simplified explanation - some of the characters not mentioned are Mother Anderson, the Mielie Lady and Thandi...

Often focussing on daily events and politics, sometimes resorting to just being funny, Madam and Eve gives an insight into living in South Africa. One of the first strips ever made had Eve saying: "They are shouting from the roof tops - we are free, at last !" with Madam replying "Fine, now do the dishes.".

Madam and Eve micro-FAQ

It's South African - will I get the jokes ?
Yes, you will. It helps if you have visited South Africa or actually live there, but most of the humour is universal. Besides - places like E2 are great to look up things you don't know - Biltong comes to mind. (It will even tell you that in South Africa, a robot is a traffic light. Isn't E2 great ?)

Can it be read online ?
Yes, at

Who is the Mielie Lady ? An entrepreneur selling mielies - to the great annoyance of Mother Anderson.

Mielies ?
Corn on the cob, usually cooked into mieliepap - a kind of porridge.

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