Probably the most brilliantly stupid game ever created. I say stupid because it's utterly pointless, and you feel like an idiot because you are nonetheless unable to put it down. There's some lame attempt at a board game that comes with it, but anyone who's played this game will tell you that the board, scores, timing, etc. are all completely irrelevant.

You either love Mad Gab, or you loathe it. If you don't get it the first time, give up. You never will. If you get it, you'll be addicted for the rest of your life and doomed to annoy the people who hate the game. When I say love, I'm not talking the game you'd choose to play on some dull, grey Tuesday night when you're broke and there's nothing on TV.. I mean the kind of game you will play on a Saturday night until 7 in the morning, only stopping because you hear birds chirping. As I said, it's brilliant.

Favorite examples:



'fork it over', 'nicotine'
Mad Gab

It's not what you say It's what you hear !

A card puzzle game consisting of 212 puzzle cards in one box. Each card has a puzzle on either side with the answer of the puzzle in the other side of the card. The puzzle consists of non-sensical phrases that if said out loud over over and over again (and I mean a lot of times) you'll some how get what the answer is.

Prefered method of play requires two player to sit face-to-face with a random Mad Gab puzzle card between them. Player A will see puzzle A and answer to puzzle B, while player B will see puzzle B and answer to puzzle A. Big fun.

warning : you'll be speaking a funny new language !

examples (more):
1. Tune Huts Al Hid
2. Mope Heed Ick
3. Dad Sheen Threw Thus No

answer : 1. Tuna Salad 2. Moby Dick 3. Dashing Through the Snow

get your copy now !!!

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