Machetes suitable for juggling (i.e. blunt) can be purchased from most large juggling suppliers.

Every so often, somebody will attempt to juggle real, sharp, machetes in a show. They will first show that it is sharp by chopping a piece of wood or similar in half, before going on to juggle a simple routine with them. This is stupid.

The point of machete juggling should not be the actual danger, but the slicing, glinting metallic suggestion of danger. This is juggling, not some daredevil stunt, and hence your aim should be to put on a display. (A similar attitude should be applied when chainsaw juggling).

Juggling machetes is quite hard because of the fact that they spin faster when vertical than when the blade is flat. As well as this, machetes are a lot heavier than normal clubs, and so are a strain to juggle. Nevertheless, lots of tricks (for example chops, flourishes and buzzsaw) look excellent when juggled with machetes, so persist!

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