Mac OS Rumors is one of a handful of Mac rumor sites, a dying breed in months past due to the whole "workerbee" scandal and the subsequent leak-proofing that occured at Apple. MOSR got slammed after Ben Apple of The Mac Junkie posed as an Apple employee and submitted a fake rumor, which Ryan Meader subsequently posted.

What people like iriefrank don't see is that Mac OS Rumors has accomplished three things that other sites like AppleInsider and Mac Murmur haven't been able to do:

 1. Remain viable in the absence of leaks. AppleInsider posts a cluster of two or three stories once every month and a half. MOSR has remained interesting to read, just today they posted information about using the Developer Tools CD to boost the speed of Mac OS 10.0. No other site, rumors or otherwise, has posted this yet.

2. Post something real once in a while. MOSR was the first site to post information, and very accurate at that, about the iBook and G4 Cube. At the time, everyone thought the G4 Cube was a total hoax.

3. Know when not to post something too juicy. AppleInsider got slapped with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for publishing screenshots of Photoshop 6, and they still post screenshots of Adobe products as well as those from rival companies like Macromedia. Duh!

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