Seminal musical duo of the early 21st century, now sadly defunct.

MC Setch, famed for being the "MC to the power of three," along with the Ganmeister (aka "the reciprocal of funk") produced (along with their assistant lyricist "Hexfailure" Holroyd) some of the most memorable underground hits, all with "Beats as underground as the Jubilee line."

The idea of founding a radical funk group was first conceived in the suprising circumstances following the cancellation of an A-level maths lesson. In order to pass the time, a psudo-contest was undertaken so as to acertain who had the most 'funk 'n' feelin,'' it was following this that it developed into a serious endeavour.

Although met with little mainstream chart success, they did win praise for their outstanding website design, hosted and produced by friend of the duo, "Supamunkey."

The end came for the 'brothers' when they were performing a gig "down on the streets," attacked by drunken youths intent on ruining their careers as a result of jealousy and resentment for their succes. The effects were such that although the Ganmeister attempted to continue, MC Setch became increasingly depressive and eventually could not continue to perform, thus bringing to an end a truly revolutionary partnership.

Although the viciousness of a street existence tore the group apart before they even had time to release an official record, MC Setch and the Ganmeister remain the defining exponents of A level funk-hop.

With all the lyrical brags and beats as heavy as holmium, what was often overlooked was a sense of positivity in the rhymes. Drawing inspiration from a less materialistic age of hip-hop, the lyrics of HexFailure (then known as the Inverse Funktion) and the Ganmeister (now known as benny_g)expressed a desire to reach an altogether funkier state of being in their remorseless street environment. MC Setch often began their heavy, strictly underground gigs by proclaiming that "the kids of today ain't got nuff funk". In one of their early demos, he was introduced by the Ganmeister as "Setch is my MC, I call him the Lemsip, 'cos he cures all your ills, and don't take no pills" - a bold position indeed from a group at the heart of the drug-filled ghettos of Milton Keynes.

Although we will probably never see a proper reunion, both Setch and the Gan will undoubtedly be a galvanising force on the funk-hop-beats scene of Oxford when they arrive there for a period of soul re-education from the University Brothers ("dey gonna learn you some wisdom"). Meanwhile their influence on a whole generation of funk-hop hep-cats remains pervasive.

As MC Setch himself put it during their final show at some-time MK venue the Pit Stop:

Now listen to me, I'm the hottest MC, to the power of three, got my posse with me. But you can be ice, if you follow my advice - don't go campin', just keep on cold lampin'.

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