MARTA elevators are more accurately described as homeless urinals. These elevators rarely smell of anything besides rancid urine. If they do have a different smell it is the smell of diluted bleach that the oh so talented cleaning crew has sparingly used to "clean" the elevator. Most people would just accept this as on of the daily hassles of life in Atlanta but my situation is slightly different. I am in a wheelchair and whatever is on the ground will eventually be on my tires which in turn will transfer to my hands and occasionally my forearms. As you can see, this can become quite disgusting.

My other problem with MARTA elevators is that the majority of the people in the Metro Atlanta must be illiterate. There are several signs stating that the elevators are for the disabled (this includes the elderly, pregnant women, and the injured; and no I am not implying that pregnant women are disabled but it is what the sign means I promise), people with luggage, and people with strollers. All other MARTA patrons are to use the escalators. Herein lies the problem. If there was a difference in effort between standing on an elevator and standing on an escalator then I might understand these people who use the elevator against the wishes of the MARTA administration. But there isn't. What possible benefit does someone gain from using the elevator. It is not faster and it doesn't require less effort. All this practice brings is a crowded elevator.

Don't get me wrong I appreciate public transportation. I guess it boils down to the fact that I just wish people were more considerate.

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