A largish town northwest of Copenhagen, called the green area by its residents due to large park and forest areas.

At the heart of Lyngby is a well-assorted shopping area where a medium-sized shopping center (Lyngby Storcenter) and a department store of about the same size (Magasin) and a lot of smaller shops make sure that it's rarely necessary to go anywhere else if you need a particular item.

In the west end of the shopping area there is a decently-sized library overlooking Lyngby sø, which is a lake with a circumference of about 5km.

The center of the town also has a bus and train station, which , in conjunction with two freeways crossing through the city, makes it very accessible.

In the north end of the town the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is located. This is one of the largest universities in Denmark.

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