A novel written by Marian Keyes, and a british TV series made in 1999.

Lucy Sullivan (Sam Loggin) is 23 years old and fed up of living at home. She moves out, gets a job and finds two flat mates, Charlotte (Letitia Dean) and Karen (Zoë Eeles). Charlotte is a slut and Karen is more normal. With her new friends, the escape from her grusome mother can begin. Lucy hates her mother, because she thinks she (the mother) is unfair with her father. But she does not know what lies beneath. Why does her mother yell at her father all the time? Who is unfair and why?

Things does not improve after visiting a fortune teller. The girls clear a whiteboard at work, and writes up the foretold future. The fortune teller said that "Lucy Sullivan is getting married within two turns of four seasons" (I.e. two years), hence the title.

Lucy bonds with her friends at work, Meridia (Debbie Chazen), Megan (Sara Stockbridge) and Hetty (Gwyneth Strong) who all have their own struggles to cope with. To tell what they are would ruin some element of surprise, but Meridia has issues with her mom, Megan has issues and Hetty just delays and delays and delays her wedding.

Just settled in, Lucy gets a new boyfriend, Gus (Gerard Butler). Lucy loves him a lot, but is he the right one for her? The fortune teller sure thinks so....

If this reminds you of Bridget Jones’ Diary, you’re right. The same issues, but in a less dramatic and more real way, surface during this series. The series is down to earth, while BJ arguably was more luxury problem issues. Lucy has genuine struggles, as do her friends, but they work it out together.

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