Lu"cern (?), n. [Etymology uncertain.] [Obs.]


A sort of hunting dog; -- perhaps from Lucerne, in Switzerland.

My lucerns, too, or dogs inured to hunt Beasts of most rapine. Chapman.


An animal whose fur was formerly much in reqest (by some supposed to be the lynx).

[Written also lusern and luzern.]

The polecat, mastern, and the richskinned lucern I know to chase. Beau. & Fl.


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Lu"cern, n. [F. luzerne.] Bot.

A leguminous plant (Medicago sativa), having bluish purple cloverlike flowers, cultivated for fodder; -- called also alfalfa.

[Written also lucerne.]


© Webster 1913.

Lu"cern, n. [L. lucerna.]

A lamp.




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