The players:

  • She: 25, cheerful and friendly, dominant and sexually very active. Tries to be rational most of the time. She's about to get married.
  • He: 31, introspective and complicated. Tries to be rational most of the time. He's married with a supportive woman that has adapted herself to live with such a guy.

The antecedents:

  • Both knew each other a year and half ago, while they were working as a teachers. They connected instantly and started a relationship of confidences and deep conversations. Talked a lot about their respective lovers and sex and love and everything. Six months ago, (a year after they meet for the first time), they ended alone in a club after a work party, drank a little and kissed and hugged each other with passion. Just petting, no sex. After that, they had an intense email exchange in which they dissectionated (rationally) what had happened, and agreed to work hard for preserving their “friends only” status in their relationship. From that moment, they have been working together in some projects and have been seeing each other for a drink (conscientiously avoiding finding themselves in dangerous situations: drunk at night and alone)
What happened the other night:

Sometimes, being just rational is horrible. We are enourmously repressed by our culture. All the efforts we do to avoid getting into "emotional trouble" makes us awfully non-natural. Sometimes, you just want to break free and do what your left hemisphere wants, but the other half doesn't think that way…

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