For a sweet evening with your loved one (or to charm a cutie). It's really simple, you(2) can do it together in the kitchen. You can find more elegant treats (I never said it would beat Beluga & Champagne), but hardly something simpler and cheaper.


and boil together with a tiny pinch of salt.

Then take

  • 1 Large mango, cut into pieces
  • Little bit fresh chopped chili (or dried, or powdered)
  • Little bit fresh shredded ginger (or dried, or powdered)
  • Contents of 1/3 vanilla stick (or 1/2 tsp vanilla flavored sugar)

and fry together on low heat for a couple of minutes (while the bulghur boils).

Serve one on top of the other.

If (s)he doesn't get all mellow just from the names of the ingredients, well, beats me. Try something or someone else.

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