Feel my tum drop like the descent from a coaster,
all of a sudden everything's warmer,
look closer you can even see the heatwaves formin.

Wow like now, I regard everyone in a different light,
they all look so beautiful - okay I lied,
just the girls....typical me.

Cypress Hill booms from the speakers,
my head and tum revel in it's fortified beat,
until it ends... it'll be this way... and always this sweet.

I wannabe bored but I can't,
so instead I sing and I rant...on my mobile fone,
to you who continues to listen.

Tonight I think I'll overstay my welcome,
heh like as if I care,
oh if only I could give or share... this feeling, this glow.

No need for a walkman gotta drummer in my head,
my body's boiling like molten lava or lead,
but yet I'm the coolest cat right now! Here! In this partay!

Man you gotta love it,
even the weather forecast looks lovely...feelings
Then like sleeping beauty... an' caught some zee's.

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