The first song on mineral's last album, EndSerenading. This is sung really, really slowly and emotionally - It takes Christopher Simpson 30 seconds or so to sing "Will you ever know how much I love you for that?". Emo to the max, dudes.

I tried to capture how the song is actually sung - "Summer" is actually 4 syllables long the way he sings it:

"Sss aahhhhhhh mmmmmm errrrrrrrrr...."

Hence the odd formatting. "Summer" really is an entire line.

    unfolded like a

            And you
                were there as you
                    have always been

                            glowing where the sky meets
                                with the trees

                                       softly crowing, singing
                                            fears to sleep


Will you                                        
          ever know                               
                     how much I love you           
                                        for that?

Will you                                 
        ever know                     
                   how much             
                            I love you?

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