Tiny bits of data,
flowing over wires,
altering your pixels
in simple black and white.

Entropy and ecstasy,
collide in one small point.
Letters passed 'twixt you and me
like anybody else.

But, something else is passed along,
hidden 'tween the lines.
A piece of you, an open soul,
came along inside.

I didn't know how strong your touch
could be from all those miles.
I never dreamed
of things like this,

this love between the lines.

Dedicated to heb and hamsty. May your love be everlasting.
love between lines,
parallel lines,
neverending woe,
lovers mourn.

lines that never met,
yet they won't part,
never apart,
never forget.

and so they went,
out of sight,

Yay! I know, a blatant rip-off, but you know, after seeing the title, I thought at a love between lines, would be between parallel lines, to add to the drama.

Please don't laugh at my attempt at poetry... I'm awful at that even in my mother tongue...

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