Lost in the cave.

I wander from the guide and the group. They are no fun, all they care about is rock formations and the like. But that isn't for me, so I stray in search of something, anything.

I know I am going to be safe, the cave's layout in my head, I can remember every turn I make, left, right, right, left, third on the right... or was it the second? It doesn't matter, I could find my way out, anyway.

The torch in my right hand has pleanty of life in it's battery, it won't fail me. I am going to find something in here that no-one else will.

Another turn. This cave is quite big, I'd hate to be lost in here, I really would, but I know what I'm doing. Two more turns, three, four, five, should I keep on counting?

It's really dark in here. Without the torch, I'd be lost, but I'm fine. The ceiling drips moisture onto my hair and my shoulders, it's very cold. I should have put some more clothes on, but I can't stop now.

Is the torch getting dimmer? No, I hit it and it's fine. So long as I can do that, I'll be fine.

I must be getting far from the group now. I wonder if they have noticed my disappearance. They're probably worried, worried for nothing because I can find my way around here.

The torch keeps on flashing. It illuminates the cave for a second, spawns shadows, then plunges everything into darkness. I search my bag for some spare batteries....

I carry on, the torch illuminating the cave once more. I had to discard the old one, instead I had to make do with a rolled up newspaper set on fire with my lighter. I had better get back to the group, I might get lost.

I make some more turns, and I trip over on something. It appears to be... I don't know, I can't see it. The flame of the torch is not as powerful as I thought it was. Moving it into a better position... I can see that the object is a bag. I search the bag, but there is nothing in here. It is green, and it smells really bad.

Carrying on, and I seem to be stumbling more and more. Was the ground this un-even?

No. I can not believe it. The flame is out, and my lighter is empty. Darkness enshrouds me, it suffocates me. I hurry through random tunnels, through the cave. I fall, and land on some sharp objects.

I check my bag once again. One glowstick, bought from a souvenir shop on the surface. I use it, and I can see my fate.

I fell on a skeleton.

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