Today the library was graced with legions of handsome men, and I didn't care. Four came in together, talking, laughing, one of them shooshed the others and they all remembered where they were and shut up. One came over to me to ask in sshh tones if it was all right that he had brought in some magazines, didn't want me to think he was stealing them. They chose a table near me, a goodlooking boy on each side of the square. They were studying gaming magazines and a stack of bulging file folders, charts and graphs spilling out. All the right age for me, two wore dot-com tshirts, two wore birkenstocks, one had a beard and the other three had scruff, all were smilers. Ordinarily this would be absolute catnip but today I couldn't be bothered to pay attention.

My taste for men has always been specific and guided by strict expectations, not a checklist or anything, it's just easier for me to rule out a man than a woman. Maybe I make more exceptions for women's flaws, maybe most of the men I've encountered just suck, maybe I'm being rude, maybe I just dig boobies. Maybe you should not listen to me at all, wait two days and I'll be back in love with everyone again.

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