French makers of sparkling juice beverages such as sparkling orangeade, lemonade, and limonade. Much better than it sounds, really, and Lorina is definitely the best sparkling juice out there. Lorina drinks come in champagne-style glass bottles with corks- -we drank Lorina sparkling limonade on December 31, 1999 and will probably have it again on millennium eve on December 31, 2000. Lorina's blurb:

Lorina is made of exceptionally fresh, cold (51.8 F), carbonated water, very soft, gushing from the Vosges sandstone inside the bottling room. The water is then poured into 25.4 fl. oz glass bottles with the famous Lorina syrup. To insure conservation, some citric acid is then added, and the bottles are visually checked at each level, manually rubbed down and shaken three times in order to insure a perfect mixture. The fourth step is then the final packing of the blend.

The basic Lorina syrup has not changed since 1985, and Yves Kesseler has been using the same formula for 32 years. Each morning, he prepares the syrup with pure vegetable sugar and a few drops of natural lemon essence. The syrup is then used for only one day to preserve the delicious and delicate aroma.

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