Long form improvisation is based on the idea of creating a complete story or mini play or musical in an improvisational style. Where short form improv is based on games, long form is based on distilled story. There is still a need to "find" a game within a scene, but this refers more to the relationship between the actors and not a "hook" that is artificially created.


The Harold
Created by Del Close, this is a combination of Games and distilled story. The games are much more freely created and are not bound by many strict rules (most of the time). Firstly an opening is done based on a one word suggestion obtained from the audience. From that opening many general themes are gotten and used through the rest of the set. After the opening 3 scenes are performed. Then another game. Then 3 more that tie into the original first 3. Then one final game. Then finally the last set of 3 games morph into one complete scene, in and out of time and space. It looks like this

Opening (based on audience suggestion)
Scene 1a
scene 2a
scene 3a
Game (revisiting audience suggestion)
scene 1b
scene 2b
scene 3b
Game (revisiting audience suggestion)
scene 123c

All of the 1 scenes tie in, all of the 2 scenes tie in, and all of the 3 scenes tie in. They are all just like individual story lines. This usually lasts around 30 minutes.

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